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Bradwell Cruising Club 2016 


As we start a new sailing and social season at BCC I’d like to invite you to take a look at what’s new and what we’ve got in store for us in 2016.

Firstly and most obviously our new website is now operational. The site supports all the usual activities such as providing information and the booking of places on events. The big change is the addition of capabilities to allow organisers to more easily provide information and updates about events and for all members to interact with each other. The social media wave has now finally washed over BCC!

Take a look around our new ‘Club House’

We’ve come to realise that, as a ‘virtual club’, the website is our clubhouse and we invite all members to come and have a wander round and try a few of the ‘doors’. Perhaps you’d like to: take a look at the Contact Us section where you can familiarise yourself with this year’s committee; review the events planned for this season in the Programme section; and book on any events that look interesting – we’ve taken into account the results of the recent member survey so hope we’ve arranged things you’ll enjoy. Once you’ve got your BCC season planned it would be great to see you asking and answering questions on the various forums, posting articles about your nautical activities, swapping tips on fitting out/general maintenance/places to visit/laying up, generally adding to the uplifting banter that we hope will inform and amuse us all. There’s even a forum to enable you to make contact with other members to arrange cruising in company on ad-hoc trips.

Equal Opportunities

Whilst from time to time each boat needs a skipper, we are keen that all members can participate in club activities and the web site so you’ll find that although the membership fee continues to be per boat, skippers and crews can have their own log-in for the web site and so all members can take part in discussions.

You’ll also find that the committee now better reflects the demographic of the membership – we’ve even managed to recruit a few committee members who aren’t grumpy old men!    

There are a few events that don’t yet have organisers (although we’ve booked the key elements such as berths etc.), so if you fancy ‘hosting’ an event please take a look at look at those marked as ’Organiser: tba’ and give me a ring/drop me an email. Equally, if you’d like to be a host boat for the pontoon party, it would be great to hear from you.


So for 2016 we have: more off-season events; more social events; more sailing events; more events in easy reach of our home marina (that’s Bradwell by the way); more cruises (London, up the East Coast, the Netherlands). If we can have as much good weather, good company and good fun as last year – we’ll be doing well.

Keep in touch

I’ll participate in as many of the events as I can and I’ll be in touch whenever there are things of interest to share/discuss. In return I’d like to ask you to promise to make contact if there is anything that we can do enhance your season.

If you haven’t completed the BCC Member Survey you can do so now, you can even omit your name if you’d like to remain anonymous!


Wishing you a happy healthy and prosperous New Year and enjoyable 2016 afloat and ashore,

Keith Swinburne


Posted by Andy Frankland 06 January 2016 09:17:00